Manufacting and Installation

  • All our parts are handcrafted with fiberglass and/or carbon fiber. We take great care to ensure the quality of our work and meticulously test each piece on the vehicles we have specifically for this purpose. However, as they are not machine-made, they may exhibit minimal imperfections.
  • We HIGHLY recommend having your parts installed by a professional body shop with experience in handling fiberglass.
  • If your vehicles have been involved in accidents or have body damage, we do not offer any installation guarantee.
  • All fiberglass parts require modifications, including sanding, drilling, and filling to ensure a proper fit. These modifications may involve removing or cutting rebar or other reinforcements. We strongly advise you to test fit the piece before making any modifications.
  • When installing new unpainted and unfinished fiberglass pieces, you may encounter cracks or imperfections on the surface that need to be filled and leveled. This should be addressed during the preparation stage of installation in a professional body shop.
  • To paint the body kit parts, a pre-treatment is necessary. This process involves sanding, priming, and then painting. Failure to sand or prime before painting may result in paint not adhering properly in certain areas. The primer finish must be sanded, and additional prep work will be required before painting. Chips and cracks may exist in the gelcoat or fiberglass and can be easily repaired during the preparation process.
  • Please note that bolts, screws, or double-sided adhesive tape are not included unless specified in the advertisement.